Daily Sheet Masks

LAPCOS is arguably best known and beloved for high quality sheet masks, which are always cruelty-, paraben- and sulfate-free. In a crowded and oversaturated market, these masks stand apart for their nourishing serums, rich in high performance nutrients, which are uniquely complemented by soothing fabrics. 

The masks’ materials are specifically handpicked for each to maximize ingredient delivery and absorption. This careful process of curation has made the brand synonymous with face and body masks that hydrate, revitalize, soothe and brighten with the utmost efficacy.

A range of essential sheet masks to integrate into your every day skin routine to reveal a healthy, glowing complexion. These go-to daily face masks are formulated with replenishing and reviving ingredients to nourish and enhance all skin types. The masks' materials are specially selected for their unique serums to maximize ingredient delivery and absorption, and resulting radiance.