23rd Mar 2014

Love to hear from our customers!

We love to hear from our customers! Send us an email to let us know how you like our products. Just wanted to share with you what Kathy from Midland sent us...Good morning !Just wanted to drop you a n …

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19th Mar 2014

​Kick a cold with Eucalyptus!

Kick a cold with Eucalyptus!Feel a tickle in your throat? This strongly scented bath salt can help you feel better quick. Its antibacterial properties also kills germs in the respiratory tract, helpin …

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10th Mar 2014

Lavender to the Rescue!!

Lavender is more than just relaxing... it's great at helping to knockout pain!Not only is the scent soothing, it's also a powerful painkiller that relaxes tight blood vessels, unwinding the tension be …

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